Underwater Services
Previous Work





Accurate measurements and detail drawings of underwater areas - visibility not essential aided by video or photo's - (visibility permitting)

Accurate depths of sand, sludge, silt and mud obtained - down to bed rock

Accurate geological samples taken of river, dam and sea bed - rock, concrete and cement

Rivers, dams and silted up areas - pump station sumps.

Driling, shuttering, reinforcing, cementation of foundations, repairs slipways, caison work and bridge supports.

Blasting, cutting down steel frameworks, trees and wood, concrete piles, bridges and other obstacles.

We have the most up to date photographic equipment in the business. Our cameramen are renowned for their photography. We can offer, if prearranged video camera reports.

We have the necessary equipment and qualified men to do any underwater cutting and welding work. E.g. removal of underwater steel structures or hazards, welding steel shutters together on damaged support piles etc.

On Dams - Sluice Gates - Valve Corrosion - Pipelines - Cables - Bridge Supports - Reservoirs - Internal Inspection of Pipelines (if width permits) and clearing of same - Shipping.

Photographic, visual or probing; you will receive a detailed report and detailed sketch on each section or photographic or both as you require.


Laying of foundations - repairing of pipelines - repairing of dam walls (filling of cavaties) - Reservoirs (using specialised cement mixture approved and tested and declared free of toxic substances by Department of Water Affairs)

Cutting down frameworks - underwater wrecks - removal of piles, cement structures - Jetty's or any other underwater obstructions - cutting down steel bridges - clearing away underwater forests.

Our team has worked on bridges, dams, lay pipelines, install single buoy moorings and assisted in. We have all the underwater related construction equipment; ranging form hydraulic jack hammers and chain saws to powerful air lifts and water jets. We also have demolition and explosive experts in our team.

We do not only specialise in ship salvage work but have recovered trucks, cars, trains, cranes, pumps and even a set of false teeth from dams, rivers and harbours throughout the country.

This covers all aspects - shipping - yachts - land or marine - there is nothing too big or too small for us to handle.

  1. Laying of pipelines underwater (e.g. oil, effluent or sewerage)
  2. Laying of small boat moorings
  3. Laying of artificial reefs and breakwaters
  4. Destroying dangerous underwater reefs
  5. Dredging of silted up river mouths, harbours and dams
  6. Helping with the laying of blocks for harbour walls etc.
  7. Inspections of mine dams and repairing of leaks and replacement of valves etc.

Whether it be sub-sea pipeline, dam valve or valuable piece of equipment that is burried or silted closed, we have the equipment and expertise to unearth or recover your problem.


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