Underwater Services
Previous Work





  1. We have salvaged approximately 20 vessels along the coast and in its ports. These vessels were mainly local fishing boats ranging from 20 Ton to 100 Ton.
  2. Surveys for major classification societies on damaged or sunken vessels, with the use of CCTV Video or Photographic equipment where possible.
  3. Major and minor repairs to vessels to classification standards in ports and off shore
  4. Demolition of hazardus structures in Maputo harbour.
    1. 400 Ton damaged dolphin at the new oil terminal
    2. Removal of a large section of the old coal "T" Jetty next to the new grain terminal in Mtola, Maputo
    3. The demolition of a collapsed retainer wall using explosives during the rehabilitation of the fishing port.
  5. Welding of 200kg anodes on to the sheet piling in the new fishing port.
  6. Refloated a 700 Ton ferry landing pontoon for the Department of Transport.

There are many more diving operations which we have sucessfully completed in the past which were done as joint ventures with S.A. based diving companies.