South African Diving Contractors - SADC

30 years of diving, salvage and marine operational engineering experience – save money – consult the professionals – design work, repair work, construction, demolition – We have paid our dues at the school of hard knocks, including the undermentioned:




We have salvaged approximately 20 vessels along the coast and in its ports.


Underwater Work - Repairs and Inspections - In Dams, Reservoirs, Mines and Rivers as well as Inertgas - Hazmat - and Sewer Diving

Our diving company has the infrastructure and experience to carry out all underwater work inland as well as coastal and deep-sea-internationally.

We specialise in the following:

Laying of foundations - repairing of pipelines - repairing of dam walls (filling of cavaties)



We render the following underwater services:

  • Replacement and installation of valves
  • Dredge of sludge and mud in dams
  • Deepening of channels and municipal dams
  • Removing of underwater obstruction and cutting of underwater framework
  • Repairs on swimming pools


Cutting down frameworks - underwater wrecks - removal of piles, cement structures

We do not only specialise in ship salvage work but have recovered trucks, cars, trains, cranes... Read more >>

We specialise in:

- Wreck removal/Re-floatation of sunken vessels

- Caison work – installation/design – barrage dam and reservoir work

- Cavitation back filling – real-time video and side scan surveys

- Remote operated vehicle surveys (ROV) for deep dive surveys and repairs

- Insurance claims and investigations

- Boats, aircraft and vehicles

- Search, surveys and recovery

- Underwater demolition – explosive work, jetty, harbour and slipway construction

Dams – Sluice gate removal, installation and repairs, cracks and leaks sealed, block off oulet pipes, stop rail installation and removal. De silting/Dredging

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